I have a pair of proven cockatiels the male is a lutino the female is a normal grey i bought them around 7 months ago and as soon as i bought them she layed infertile eggs and i changed her cage to a bigger one. Still infertile. Recently i blocked the nest box entrance with cage wire as i read i must stop their egg laying and feed them vitamins and a lot of good food so i did and i returned an empty nest box after 4 days. After that they didnt go anywhere near thier nest at all not even to look inside now its been over a month and ive moved them into an aviary and they arnt going in the nest at all. Eventhough they layed infertile eggs. I was only trying to get them to lay fertile eggs.
They are probably around 3 years old now. But in the past they were a proven pair i seen it for myself.
They have good light
Good food but they dont go in any nests.
Please help me out thank you