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Thread: Ben is so clingy

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    Ben is so clingy

    Ugh, my Sun Conure is so clingy, his cage is right next to my bed and I j ust bought him a new cage with a playpen on the top of it. I spoil him so much. But he is just so clingy when I let him out of his cage, he dives on to my shoulder. Hell even take a piece of his food out of his bowl and come fly over to me at my computer, Ill try and let him perch somewhere else and he just comes back he wont leave me Alone LMAO


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    Re: Ben is so clingy

    He really loves being with you! That really is great!

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    Re: Ben is so clingy

    I think its good too. We spoil our birds in our house and they have little play boxes by where we sit that has small toys and small bowls of food and water. They love being around us so we try to make them comfortable. My sisters Amazon and Cockatoo have big play Gyms to hang out on because they are too big to sit on us. Birds are flock animals and us humans are their flock.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Ben is so clingy

    I realize this is a late reply.
    Conures, in general, tend to be clingy, one- person birds.

    All conures are
    1) MOODY: One day, they love you; the next, they hate you; then, love you. Only they know why.
    2) PREENERS: When not sleeping, conures are either bathing or preening. Who knows if this is vanity!
    3) BITERS: Although most will not draw blood, they can hurt or bruise you.
    4) CLINGY: They want to hang on, hang out and eat with you. Additionally, they "know" anything you do is better with their help.
    5) FLIGHTY: This is related to their moodiness. They want three things: attention, safety, sleep. They think if you're around, they should be out. They want a home to retreat to when they want. They nap alot and need either a covered night cage or a dark room at night.

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