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Thread: Cockatiel Grinding

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    Cockatiel Grinding

    I am posting this for new owners, plus something they do:

    Beak Grinding;

    This is a sign of peacefulness and being content. Cockatiels often display this when they are getting ready for a sleep during the day or at night, even when just relaxing on your shoulder. It is a very gentle rubbing of the top and bottom beaků a bit like us grinding our teeth together, but in a good way. Often the little beard feathers are fluffed up as well.

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    Re: Cockatiel Grinding

    This made me giggle. When we first got Boomer, our first bird ever. He beak grinded for the first time in front of us and we freaked out. We had no idea they did this and thought something was wrong. Lucky for us when I called my sister she told us it was normal and he was just beak grinding. Hopefully your post will calm another new bird owner who freaks out and finds your post.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Cockatiel Grinding

    Thanks for posting this, I think its great for new bird owners to refer too. It would be good to have different types of behaviours posted on here to reassure new bird owners of their bird's behaviour, if it is normal behaviour.

    I also didn't know what beak grinding was either when my lovebirds did it and was also worried and I think it was a few searches on this forum or google that that made me realise it meant they are relaxed and / or possibly about to take a nap or go to sleep for the night. Mine also beak grind before bedtime in the evening too. All you hear after blankets are put is beak grinding from every cage. I also thought it was only lovebirds that did the beak grinding but when I heard socrates our ringneck also do it, I realised that its all birds that do it too. Beak grinding = music to our ears because they are happy and relaxed

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