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Thread: Cocketeil

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    Hi i have recently just got 2 cocketeils and struggling to tame them as when 1 comes to your hand then she sees the other 1 she just flys away to him is there any way to tame both of them down.

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    Re: Cocketeil

    Hi, and welcome! I would suggest having them out of the cage one at a time. That way, you can bond with each one, and do some training at the same time. Go to YouTube,and search for.training cockatiels. There are great videos there, with information that will be of great help to you. Do training each day if possible. Take one bird at a time in to a small room, such as bedroom or bathroom and begin by training for about 20 minutes. Then do some bonding alone with that bird playing with him while the other one is still in the cage. Then put that one back into cage and do the same with the other one. As they get more used to this training and bonding with you, hopefully, even though they will want to be together, it will help them to interact more with you too, when they are out of cage.
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