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Thread: My budgie is constantly tired and seems in some discomfort *what can I do?

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    My budgie is constantly tired and seems in some discomfort *what can I do?

    Hi all,

    I have two budgies, a 7-year-old male (pictured in links below) and a 9-year-old female. Neither of them have ever had any serious health problems until this week. Both have always been very active and energetic. The male seems tired at all times, fluffing up his feathers and squeezing his eyes shut for hours and hours on end. He is eating and drinking, and while he had diarrhoea for a day or so this has now passed and his temperament remains unaltered. When I put a heat lamp over the cage, he gravitated to it instantly, and often stays underneath it for hours without moving. What can I do, and does anyone know what he has?

    Thanks for your support!

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    Re: My budgie is constantly tired and seems in some discomfort *what can I do?

    i dont know if posting is ok since i have no advice for you.... I just wanted to share that you and your birds are in my thoughts and I hope you figure out something to help them!!

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    Re: My budgie is constantly tired and seems in some discomfort *what can I do?

    I am really sorry he is not doing well and in the pictures he does not look well. He is fluffed out and has his eyes closed which are signs of him being sick. Is he eating lots? Are his poos runny or have stained rings around the little droppings he has? Budgies are very prone to Avain Gastric yeast (AGY) which effects there poos lots. They will be wet and have lots of liquids in them and not much of the white part will be in them anymore. Your birds will also seem to eat lots but not much of the nutrition will be getting to them because AGY attacks there digestive system. I have a girlfriend who works with a big avian bird rescue here and she fosters lots of budgies for them and she has had had it least 80% of the budgies that come to her have AGY. It is easily treated with meds but you have to get a vet to diagnose it and give you the meds. Some people have limited success with citric acid in water to treat it but the fungal meds from a vet kill it quickly. If you can I would take him to the vets. If not limit his diet to just seeds for now and do not feed him any fruits or veggies. Keep him nice and warm and keep a eye on his poos to make sure they look good. Boomer had AGY in his body that hid from the tests and went systemic so his last few years were tough years with many bad flare ups that really in the end killed him.

    He needs to be kept warm and if I were you I would not let him stay in the same cage with your other bird just to make sure it does not get sick. Most things birds catch can be easily treated with medicine so the best advice I can give to you is take him to the vets. Sorry your little guy is sick.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: My budgie is constantly tired and seems in some discomfort *what can I do?

    Hi, and welcome! Birds hide illnesses very cleverly, so my suggestion is to call an Avian vet and take them in for evaluation. In my view, since he suddenly has shown indication of illness, runny droppings, eyes closed, all puffed up, etc, he very well may have a bacterial infection. And since both are in the same cage, bacterial infection, if diagnosed, can be passed to the other budgie. Sometimes seed we buy is not fresh, or has mold, or larvae in it, which can make them sick. I have homed budgies for many years, and have not ever had one with AGY.

    I suggest calling the vet immediately.
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