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Thread: Flight feathers, Blood feathers and Bleeding in general

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    Flight feathers, Blood feathers and Bleeding in general

    This is something all bird owners should know! The first part comes from a post by Pat (Desertdweller) actually. The question was whether clipped flight feathers could plucked.

    Yes, it works fine on larger birds. It's actually easier to do on larger birds, as long as you can control the bird.

    It's not really painful. It's nothing more than a little pinch and there's little or no blood. I only recommend that people who have been trained do it. What you need to do is to hold the wing steady at the base of the feather and pull the feather STRAIGHT out. Keep pressure on the place where the feather was plucked for a few moments just in case there's a little bleeding.

    But, there's just about no blood when plucking feathers. The greater danger is actually in cutting a blood feather, that is, a feather that still has a blood supply to the developing feather. A blood feather can cause a lot of bleeding.

    PLEASE NOTE: If someone accidentally cuts a blood feather, it will be NECESSARY to actually pluck the entire feather as described above. You can apply pressure to the base of where the feather had been and easily stop the bleeding. But it's very, very difficult to stop a cut feather from bleeding. And, a cut feather develops a scab which the bird wants to pick at, and that causes it to bleed again.

    Again, I caution anyone who accidentally cuts a blood feather to pluck the entire feather to prevent blood loss.

    A blood feather can be identified by seeing a small red vein in the shaft. Never cut a feather that's not dry, nearly grown or fully grown.
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    Always try to keep some Kwik Stop powder on hand for your birds! It has a slight local anaesthesia and and a bit of antibiotic. If not, you can use cornstarch to stop bleeding. One of my fids survived thanks to Kwik Stop!

    Some people use flour, but the chance of fungal infection is multiplied greatly.

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    Re: Flight feathers, Blood feathers and Bleeding in general

    Thanks for this post. Its scary when they break a blood feather and you gave great advice. Tikki broke a small wing blood feather way down by his skin once and it was too hard to get it out. Cornstarch stopped the bleeding and then we drove 40 minutes to our vets office. This has never happened here and it was scary seeing Tikki bleeding. Staying calm was hard but thankfully the cornstarch stopped the bleeding.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Flight feathers, Blood feathers and Bleeding in general

    Thanks for making this thread, Leslie.
    Most important for bird caregivers to realize is this:

    ***If a feather is bleeding, PLUCK THE WHOLE FEATHER and put pressure on the place the feather came out of. ***

    A cut or broken feather that bleeds can lead to excessive blood loss. Very dangerous.
    A PLUCKED feather will NOT bleed very much at all.

    Please make sure to pluck the entire feather if you see one bleeding. It may save your bird's life.

    Thanks again, Leslie.
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