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Thread: Finding homes for baby cockatiels

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    Finding homes for baby cockatiels

    I love watching our pair raising their babies & watching them grow so fast. We now have 8 cockatiels & 1 green check conure. We are keeping the 1st baby, BeBe, Pearl pied & 1 of our newest ones, that is an albino. I would keep them all, but my husband its too many. I don't want to separate mom & dad. We have slowed their breeding down. I would like to start selling some of them & any new arrivals in the future. Any suggestions? I want to make sure they go to good homes.

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    Re: Finding homes for baby cockatiels

    Hi Mindy, and welcome to the community! You have an awesome flock. I would suggest you call some of the avian vets in your area, and ask them if they have clients that would be interested in homing a baby. Also, I understand Facebook has several bird forums. You might be able to find some interested folks there as well. I know it is so hard to part with them, been there and done that before, but knowing they will have a loving home does help somewhat. Do keep us updaed. I just love those babies!!!

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    Re: Finding homes for baby cockatiels

    Hi Mindy, you might try to find a bird dealer, or even a professional breeder in your area that could give you some local input. If you decide to sell the birds yourself, I hope and trust that you'll make sure the new owners have an understanding about birds and can give them good homes.

    Best of luck in rehoming your babies! I know it's hard to do for us sometimes. But it's always nice to keep your personal flock to a manageable level and not get lost in the shuffle by having too many birds. The babies will be happier, too, if they get personal attention from a new owner.
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