Back in January 2017, I had bought a budgie, I was unsure if it was a boy or girl. I was still trying to figure it. Anyway, as the days went by, I understood that it was a boy and not a girl budgie.

I had named him 'pincher' because he loved to pinch us. lol. Not because he was wicked or anything but he just liked to do it.

[IMG] [/IMG]

Months went by and he grew up. He was very playful and active. He had a caring elder brother, bluey.


Now, let's fast forward to mid- May 2018. Pincher, the budgie was around 1.5 years old (approximately). Now it was around that time, I had some work and I had to leave my city and go elsewhere for 2 weeks. I told a close friend to take care of my budgies while I was away. I had 6 of them.

Okay, once I returned, I noticed that pincher was suffering from diarrhea. He had a heat stroke unfortunately (which I found out after close observation). I took him to a vet. After treatment, he recovered within a few days time.

Well, I was shocked when I noticed that his belly was swelling up and also his bottom part.


The picture which you see above is actually taken at a later stage. It wasn't so bad initially.

Now as the swelling grew bigger, I became very restless as the vets here (in my city/area) couldn't quite figure it out.

Now, Coming to August 2018, his swelling still did not reduce. I tried different methods.... nothing worked.

It was yesterday i.e. the 4th of August he passed away!


How you ask? Well, on the 1st of August, I had taken pincher to another vet, working under the government hospital (of India) The vet had given him an antibiotic injection.
After that he instructed me to return after 2-3 days, which i did and after the second visit. My best friend passed away (4th of August), while I was returning home.

As I reached my parking lot, below my apartment, I noticed that he's no more!

I assumed that maybe there was some sort of overdose, maybe. Which took his life.

Have a look at this pic, what do ya'll think? What could be the reason for this? And what could have been the solution for this particular problem??