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Thread: Help regarding budgies

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    Help regarding budgies

    6 months Ago i got a breeding pair of budgies they were untamee and skittish when i got them but i was pretty hopeful that they will get tamed eventually and here i am 6 months later with being as skittish as they were.
    I have tried many different online guides religiously but none of them worked can someone please suggest me some ways to tame them also for some reason they are not breeding at all i even provided them with a nesting box and cuttlebones

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    Re: Help regarding budgies

    Hi, and welcome. Had your budgies mated and the hen laid eggs and hatched baby budgies, before you got them or were they dna sexed to verify they are a pair? Do you know for sure their age? What diet do you feed them? If they are younger than a year old, they are too young to be bred as yet. And not all bird pairs are attracted to each other for mating and laying eggs.

    I would take one at a time into a small room such as a bathroom, or your bedroom, and take about a half hour a day, at first, to do some bonding. Have some spray millet with you so you can use it as a treat for bonding and training. Go to youtube and search for training young budgies.

    You can extend training time as they become more comfortable being with you. Cover windows with curtains or blinds and take any mirrors off walls so they will not fly into windows or mirrors. This training should help thrm bond with you.
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