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Thread: Rosey bourkes advice

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    Exclamation Rosey bourkes advice

    Hi everyone~

    I'm looking to get some advice on my Rosey Bourke, he's 4 months old and not hand raised. So far I had him for 4 days and he seems very sweet, he starting to play with his toys a little bit and getting used to his cage. My mom did manage to take him out on her finger perfectly well and he chilled outside for awhile.

    we thought even though he was parents raised he was going to be easier to hand tame but now he's becoming very skittish and becoming more noisy ( day and night singing. Non stop) my mom can't even take him out of his cage anymore or perch on her finger cuz he would get really scared and start flying around the cage.

    I don't know what to do or what's going on cuz he was doing so well his first few days, can really use some advice please.

    Thank you~

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    Re: Rosey bourkes advice

    Hi, and welcome back! Congrats on bringing home your new Rosie! Time and patience are on your side. My view is to not take him out of his cage for another week or so. He needs to settle into his environment, get to know his cage, and surroundings, and you. To quiet him, play soft music on a CD player or radio. Get some millet sprigs at the pet shop, and use them as treats, and also to get him used to your hands. All birds are afraid of hands, especially when we first bring them home. I suggest covering his cage three sides in daytime with front side open, with a light weight throw, or sheet, which will make him feel more secure in his new home, and will probably quiet him down somewhat. At night, cover all four sides, with about 3-4 inches uncovered on front side. Covering at night makes him more secure, and he will sleep much better, because tbey hear every noise, inside or outside our home, and can have night frights! When you have him out of cage, at first, take him to a small room, to fly around. Do, this for awhile before you let him fly all over the house. Remove mirrors off walls and keep curtains closed while he is out of cage.

    You will love to have him in your life! Stop by often and give updates. And do post some pics too!!
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