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Thread: orange Head??

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    orange Head??

    So I have owned budgerigars for most of my life, and I have something that has been confusing me for a while. So I have an olive coloured budgie that has a really strange mutation that I have never seen. He has an orange spot on his head. Iíve had him for a few months, and he has moulted and still has the orang feathers, ruling out getting paint or something on it. He has been like this since I first met him. Anyone know what this mutation is?

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    Re: orange Head??

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Yes, that is quite unusual for him to have those orange color feathers. I have a yellow budgie, who I believe to be Lutino, who is almost 7 years old. When I got him, he had a pretty green spot of feathers on his bsck area, and it is still there. To me, it is more of a lovebird green feather color, and I often have wondered which one of his parents carried this DNA gene. I have over the years tried to research, but have not had success. I have homed all colors of budgies over the years, but never seen this green color either. I would suggest you go to a website called Budgie Place, or, The Budgie Place, and there you will find a good description, and also google search, budgie mutations.

    The way I see it, you and I have very unique budgies, for sure!!!!! If and or when you find any info, please come back and post it. We will welcome your visits and updates, and also, pictures of your budgie, anytime!!
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