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Thread: my mojito

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    my mojito

    hello everybody!
    My name is Monique and my baby lovebird of 3 weeks is Mojito. He has been with me 3 days now.... he was hatched by my own lovebirds.
    we are starting to get the feeding under control. but as i start to learn his personality i have questions about certain things he does.
    hope somebody can help...
    he shivers when I hold him..and he loves to snuggle is that ok?
    he started to make noises.. when he is half asleep in my hand.
    and his beak is like grinding when he sleeps
    also his little tail moves..... like he is happy.

    i feel this is all because he is happy to be close to me. but please tell me if that are warning signs that he is not feeling well?

    i hope these are all signs of a bond forming

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    Re: my mojito

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Awwww!! Your baby is precious!! From what you write, I think he is very happy and getting along well. Beak grinding is a sign of contentment, and as to the shivering, it could be because you took him from the warm nest. Take a small piece of flannel and wrap it around him to keep him warm while feeding. And before returning him to the nest. We will welcome your updates anytime. You both are doing great!!!

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    Re: my mojito

    I think it all sounds like good signs. If he isn't cold then he for sure is just loving you. Boomer use to sort of shake or as we use to say purr without the noise and his body would shake slightly like a cat when they purr. Lovies love to be cuddled. Boomer snuggled under my hand on my chest and purred and beak grinded himself to sleep. It was precious and a nightly ritual with me and him. I think some loves cheep lightly too but Boomer never did. I think your love loves you and have truly bonded.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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