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Thread: Please help! One of my birds wont stop attacking its mate

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    Please help! One of my birds wont stop attacking its mate

    I just bought two peach faced lovebirds on friday. I am not sure the sex of either(I just call them both she). I have not taken them to the vet.
    they were paired in their case together at the shop and have been lovey to eachother. always sitting with each other, cleaning eachother and sleeping next to eachother. so I thought no issues!! well all yesterday and today one of my birds has been so aggressive to the other. She bites her and knips at her everytime she comes anywhere near! she also just screeches to high heaven if she even comes anywhere within her reach!!! she just sits on the perch and waits to bite her! I don't know what to do. they are obviously not tamed yet. and I have been taking it very slow with them so I am afraid If I put my hand in there to separate them that they will bite me!

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    Re: Please help! One of my birds wont stop attacking its mate

    That is odd they all the sudden do not get along with each other. I really don't have great suggestions because I never had two birds together but if it were me I would make sure you have two feed bowls and two water bowls. Put two perches at the same level high in the cage so if they sit up on the top perches one will not be higher then the other. It is a dominance thing to be higher then the other. Hopefully whatever caused the one to all the sudden become a jerk to the other will calm down and they will get along together. Maybe someone here who has had two birds will be able to help you out more too since like I said I am not sure how to handle this situation. If you think the one is hurting the other you might have to separate them for a bit but this could be just puberty or them having some sort of issue together and it will just pass.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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