my cockatiel baby which was around 20 days old died today. i really dont know why and how he died but i wanted to know how he died. because this is second time my bird died in the same manner. my cockatiel died today in sum what like same action which u can see in the video.
last year also one of my cockatiel died in the same manner and today the same thing happened again. i really dont want this to be happens again and i really wanted to know what was causing this problem. please help me out guys.
since yesterday he was breating heavily. he was not eating anything. most of the time his eyes were closed. he was not able to walk. looks like he was having problem in breathing. he was putting his head high towards sky. i took him to two vet in the evening, Avian veterinarian told me that give him vitamins and one poweder like subtance. which we had to make in the worm water and told me to give the drops thrice a day and told told me to feed the baby food with injection. so we came home and we fed him one injection baby food and after that his condition got worst, so we stopped for 2 hours and again when we tried to give him the drops he just starched his legs (like he was not able to breathe) and acted like the bird in the video and he died.
i really cant take it. i cant see birds dying like this infront of me. please help me out figuring out what is the problem. what can i do to stop this. sum precaution that i can take it from now on.
last time and this time i asked the same thing to avian vet but they did not told me. he should have have given him injection or sumthing but he did not.