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Thread: toys for a pet canary

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    toys for a pet canary

    Hey all age old problem for me i'm looking for some good toys for my little canary or tips on how to make some of my own for him. A lot of online sites only really offer stuff for bigger birds from the ones I have seen so far. If anyone knows of a site that does toys for a canary can they let me know thanks.
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    Re: toys for a pet canary

    Hey Julie, I just posted in the Other Birds about a company I just ordered some miscellaneous parts from and was incredibly happy with the customer service I got from them. I ordered some rope and leather and loofah and wood and I figure I will put a variety of items together for her when I have a chance and see what she likes most. The prices were very affordable, and like I said, the lady (Tracy) who was taking care of me was very helpful. http://www.birdyboredombusters.com/

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