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Thread: A budgie birthday! Birdy bread recipe

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    Lightbulb A budgie birthday! Birdy bread recipe

    Hello! So it’s been a year since I brought my beloved Dipsy home and she’s really come a long way! So I decided to make her and her 3 other budgie companions some delicious and nutritious “birthday” cake. I’ve searched online for recipes and many of them were a bit intimidating. I’m really picky about what I feed my babies and I really try to give them things I’m sure about. They’re picky themselves and I don’t think they would have even liked the recipes I found, regardless of whether it was healthy or not. So naturally, I took things into my own hands and whipped up something they absolutely devoured! I’m not too sure about the measurements, but with the intructions listed below, I made about 3 muffins. Here goes nothings!

    ●About a handful of almonds, de-shelled
    ●1 small/medium egg (I used a chicken egg but alternatively you can whisk chia seeds into some hot water)
    ●About 1 tbsp of water
    ●1 slice of banana (I didn’t use a very sweet one, depends on what your bird likes)
    ●2 pieces of raw, washed broccoli (Or whatever their fave vegetable is!)
    ●A drizzle of 100% pure, pasteurized honey (optional, but helps firm up the batter a bit)
    ●Millet!! (Optional, but recommended for picky eaters)

    Step 1: Wash and dry a blender or food processor and dump in your almonds. Grind until everything is in crumbly little pieces.
    Step 2: Sift the grinded down almonds into a medium to large bowl to get rid of the chunks. This wil act as “flour”. The remaining chunks can be used for decoration later OR you can grind them down some more and sift again. If you don’t have a sift, just keep grinding until the almond is as fine as you can make it. It doesn’t have to be perfect!
    Step 3: Crack an egg in a small bowl and beat it slightly. It is up to you whether you would like to add the shell or not.
    Step 4: Pour the egg into the almond flour a little bit at a time and mix after each time you pour.
    Step 5: Your batter will be thick and almost like bread dough. Add the water to soften it a bit. It should be sticky.
    Step 6: Add in the banana. This is an oil substitute. Break up the banana and mix it well into the batter.
    Step 7: Chop off the top of your broccoli so that the “leaves” are all seperated. Dump the “leaves” into the batter and mix.
    Step 8: (Optional) Drizzle the littlest bit of honey over everything and give it one last good mix.
    Step 9: Scoop the batter into ungreased cupcake liners. I used an ice cream scoop to make it easier!
    Step 10: (Optional) Sprinkle some millet or seed over the top of each muffin. This is your chance to add any other nutritious toppings/decorations.
    Step 10: Bake the muffins in your oven or microwave oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheit. I did not pre-heat the oven; if you do, try baking 10 minutes at a time until the muffins are golden brown.
    Step 11: Wait for the muffins to cool down before serving. And you’re done!

    Feel free to have fun with this recipe! Remember, every bird is different so this recipe does not have be followed to a T. If you would not like to use almonds for your “flour,” try ground up pellets. Also, the measurements as stated before are give and take, but the measurements listed should make you more than enough muffins. Please let me know if you try this! Would love to know if others birds enjoyed it as much as mine did.

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    Re: A budgie birthday! Birdy bread recipe

    I think it is the perfect bread for your birds! The bread sound good enough for me to eat Well except the millet on top unless you used the human millet without the husks on them then you bet the birds might not get all that bread. I am all for sharing my food with the birds here but it seems our family birds are greedy and get upset when we decide to try some of there food. Boomer was the worse and would attack us if we tried his food which usually was actually our food!
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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