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Thread: Lovebird scared of hands

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    Lovebird scared of hands

    Hello, I have a 4month old lovebird named Peridot (I call her Peri).

    Since the first day I had her home she has been terrified of hands. I got her around 3-4 weeks ago along with her brother/sister who was more terrified then her, I separated them after getting advice from a local breeder because I was having issues trying to gain the trust of both birds... And it seemed like the blue lovebird Jad hated me... I rehomed her, she lives with my younger brother and she gets along great with him and his girlfriend.

    Fast forward to now, I have gained alot of trust with Peri but I still cannot get them to sit on my hand, she just flys to my shoulder or off to somewhere else. She will step up onto a stick, but if my hands are too near she freaks out.

    She cannot fly currently... Her previous owner has done a terrible wing clip, she cannot glide she just falls.

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    Re: Lovebird scared of hands

    Hi, and welcome to the community.We have several owners who have years of experience in lovebird care, and I am sure someone will answer you soon!

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    Re: Lovebird scared of hands

    Peri is adorable!!It takes time for them to trust your hands and fingers but with lots of patience she will come around. Boomer hated our hands too but for some reason when he was on our shoulder he loved it if we rubbed his feathers with our nose. Once he got comfortable with nose rubs we could sneak a finger tip up to his cheek and rub it because he thought it was our nose. Yes, if he figured it out he would bite our finger and we would have to wait and sneak our finger back up there. Before long he knew how good it felt and let us touch and pet him all over. Lovies are stubborn but with lots of patience they really are sweet little birds.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Lovebird scared of hands

    Dear Devi,
    Hello ...
    Handling and training
    Take it slow at first and let the bird get used to you and its new surroundings.
    The key to training is trust (from your bird) and patience (from you).
    When you need to hold your parakeet, place your palm on its back and wrap your fingers around the bird with your thumb and forefinger on either side of its head.
    Birds sometimes do bite, but it is not usually a painful or dangerous.
    the most important things: be patient .. feed'm with hands .. feed fruits honey vegetables .. speak him .. put him close to you but no disturb ....

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