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Thread: Budgie Breeding

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    Budgie Breeding

    OK I have a nesting Box on the outside of my cage and they have been breeding couple times A-day. Do buddies just breed For the fun of it and not produce eggs?. She spends 80% of her time in the Box for the last 4 days Just comes out to eat very quickly have some color bone and mineral stone and back in she goes. So once they start the breeding process it is my understanding that it takes about 9 days before the 1st take?

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    Re: Budgie Breeding

    Hi, and welcome to the community. How old are the pair? Have you had a DNA test to be sure they are male and female? If this is their first mating experience, sometimes the eggs will not be fertile for the first time or so. I am not apprised as to how many days before she lays an egg. She has to be hormonal before eggs will be fertile, but could lay infertile eggs as well, the first time, as I mentioned.

    It does sound like she is highly interested in the nest. For us, our best approach, is to not disturb the nest box or the pair, constantly looking into the box. Check on them on occasion, but let Mother Nature do her work so they will succeed. I know the excitement and anticipation of egg laying and prospective babies. Enjoy each day, watching the process, with as little attention given to the pair as possible. If she does lay eggs, stop back, and I will provide more information to you.

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