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Thread: Lovebird Chick Mutations

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    Lovebird Chick Mutations

    Hey folks, I’m wondering if you can help me guess what colours my newest chicks are gonna be? Within a large aviary I have a small colony of lovebirds, I started off with three pairs and they’ve had a couple of clutches each, of which most have survived, so I have 20 currently. I plan to allow them to breed a few more times as the aviary currently dwarfs them, but then start removing/replacing eggs before they’re overcrowded. I love watching them cooperatively rear their chicks and etc, it’s great. Anyway the birds have the option to choose their own mates, I’m not breeding for specific colours so I like them to pick... the cock from one of my original pairs recently died after a sprawk was worrying the aviaries, and one of his sons has paired up with his mate, which is obviously his mother (New name = Oedipus?)

    Genetic history for ya:

    The original pair - the cock was a whiteface grey and the hen is a lutino

    The progeny - they have always produced either normals or birds that look normal but with redder faces and deeper darker greens. Once, just once, they produced a pure white chick (not leucistic, albino) and one that looked a deep purple colour, but neither survived past two weeks of age

    Oedipus himself looks like a normal.

    He has recently bred with his mum, which is vile and I shouldn’t have allowed it, but I never check the boxes after September as I’ve never had them breed this late before? I heard peeping today and to my horror there are four. One has orange fluff, one is white, and two are violet. Any ideas as to what colours they’ll be?

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    Re: Lovebird Chick Mutations

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. We have several breeders here who have knowledge of mutations. I am hopeful one will see your post soon, and give you info. Good luck with the babies!

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