Hello everyone I just found this site and am looking for some insight into the way my birds are acting. I've had two budgies for a bit over two months now, Miguel and Tullio, and they are definitely bonded with each other but I'm worried it may have reached an unhealthy stage. Tullio is pretty active and independent and he does all the normal things I would expect. Miguel on the other hand won't do anything unless Tullio does it first and won't let him get more than a few inches away from him at anytime. Whenever I feed them millet on my hands to try and tame them Miguel will eventually start biting at Tullios feet until he jumps off and I just noticed a bit ago that whenever Tullio starts to get loud and vocal that Miguel will screech at him and actually nip at him until he stops. I think that may have been going on for a while without me noticing because I have noticed they are distinctly quieter than they used to be. Most of the time they are super lovey with each other and chew on each other beaks and preen one another and everything but I'm worried this behavior may prevent me from interacting with them fully and I don't know what to do. I should say I am not 100% on their genders, I think they are both males (hence the names lol) but they are still pretty young so I don't know.