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Thread: RIP Kiara: 2016 - October 2018

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    Re: RIP Kiara: 2016 - October 2018

    I would suggest you consider feeding spinach sparingly, because of its iron content. I have read too much iron is not good. If it were me, I would check the seed mix sack, to see if the words...ferrous sulfate ........are in the seed mix. If so, that is iron. If it were me, I would feed spinach once a week, max, and instead feed more green and red leaf lettuces. The leaf lettuces have good nutrition, but do tend to make poops loose. But ice berg head lettuce, has way too much water content, and will turn solid poops into mostly water! It does not have much good nutrition, due to the water content.

    And, with two prior owners, indeed it is possible Kiara may have not been fed properly. It is always difficult with these tragedies, but more so when you and your partner\the new caregiver\had no bird history. Just always remember how Kiara and Kovu took to your home and care, and loved living with you and your partner. Even in her short time with you she loved her home. I have had a few adopted birds over the years, and did not know their history.

    Congrats on the new pair of lovies! I will check out your new thread!!
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