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Thread: Trouble getting budgies to trust me?

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    Trouble getting budgies to trust me?

    Hey all! I got a pair of budgies from PetSmart a couple of months ago. When I first brought them home, they were barely finger trained - the first days they would hop on my finger inside the cage when prompted by fingernail placement. However, I soon noticed that one of my birds was sick and took them back to the store so the store manager could take them to the vet. They were at the vet for a week, the sick one receiving daily antibiotics by mouth and two shots.

    That was about a month ago. Since then, they’ve both been very skittish (which makes sense). In the last month, I sat by their cage every day for about 15-20 min just reading or eating, then progressed to putting my hand inside, and now am holding onto their food dish after giving them new food until they feel comfortable enough to eat with my hand so close. It feels like I’ve realky made no progress with gaining their trust though, as they’re still extremely nervous whenever I open the cage door and come too close to their home too quickly (which isn’t very fast at all).

    Is there anything more I can try doing to earn their trust faster or more efficiently?

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    Re: Trouble getting budgies to trust me?

    No guanteered answer for the question. They may warm up to you, but some never do. I know the bad feeling it is to have a bird that you just cannot get next to as a friend. Perhaps study the bird more and see if they appear to be friendly prior to buying a new bird.

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    Re: Trouble getting budgies to trust me?

    Hi, and welcome to the community! Do not lose heart!! Most likely having to take them back, and the need for them to see a vet, has frightened them. Time and patience are on your side. Play soft music for them on a CD player or radio. Sit by the cage and talk softly to them. Eat a snack while sitting there, and give them some millet for a treat. You can get millet sprigs at the pet shop. Break off small pieces and put in a separate food cup. Also, cautious!y extend your hand out with a sprig of millet, so the top of sprig is not close to your hand, and see if they will eat off of the top of the sprig. Practice this often. Do not force or scare them out of the cage. I really feel that with time and patience they will come to you.

    We will welcome updates.

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