Hello all- I need some advice and not sure where to begin. I have a pair of cockatiels. They have been good parents with their first clutch. Second clutch 1 out of 5 eggs hatched and mom and dad began to pluck. Pluck so bad that my 3 week babe is bald. I notice they are not interested in feeding her so I did what needed to be done. Seems she is getting the hang of it syringe feeding but only is eating a small amount before she falls asleep? IS this normal? I'm not versed and a new owner at that! I'm terrified to aspirate and feed on her left side slowly. She begins interested then falls asleep out of a 3 cc syringe she ate little over 1 and 1/2.... Crop is not getting full like it did when ma was feeding?! What do i need to do? Force her? So much conflicting info...I'm a mess! Also, what signs of trouble on the horizon do I need to be aware of?

There is so much info out there I need a good feeding schedule for her. I'm doing 4 hours around the clock. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you tons in advance!!!!!!