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Thread: Stopping my budgies from breeding

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    Exclamation Stopping my budgies from breeding

    Hi, so this is my first time breeding budgies.
    The pair had an unsuccessful first clutch but were still in great health so I let them try again. It's been a while and the female is spending time rearranging the nest and I have seen the male bobbing his head a lot. I don't know if they have mated yet but I now have to go away in 2 months for 2 week and I want to stop them from breeding and stop her from laying eggs, if possible. I want to stop them because I know 2 months is not long enough if I want to make sure all budgies have fledged and eating properly. What it the safest way to do this? Do I just remove the male so the eggs will be infertile? Will this cause them stress? And if she does lay eggs how do i remove them so i don't stress her and then when do i remove the nest box??

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    Re: Stopping my budgies from breeding

    Hi, and welcome. First of all, by leaving the nest in the cage, that encourages the hen to lay eggs, so I suggest you remove the box immediately. Once a hen begins laying eggs she will always lay them. There is no way to permanently stop her other than having a vet neuter her, or give her shots to prevent laying eggs. Bith, in my view are far to dangerous for such small birds. And with a mate, there will always be the possibility of eggs and babies.

    The hen will not stop just because she does not have her mate in the cage, but, in a separate cage, of course the eggs would be infertile. Since they are a bonded pair, it may upset therm if they are in separate cages.

    My thought is for you to pick up some dummy budgie eggs at the pet shop or on line. If you leave them together, do not use the nest box. For every egg that is laid, replace it with a dummy egg and discard the real egg. Place the eggs in a corner of cage bottom, on a paper towel, She will need to nest with the dummy eggs for about 23-25 days, or until she abandons them and no longer is interested in them. Then, take dummy eggs away, wash them, and store them until she lays again, and then the next time she lays repeat this process again.

    If you were to separate them into two cages, I doubt she will stop laying, because her mate will be close by, and nature will bring on her hormones again before long. If you do give her a cage, then, when she lays again, repeat the process I suggested with her real infertile eggs. And by all means do not provide a nest box.
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