Hi, so this is my first time breeding budgies.
The pair had an unsuccessful first clutch but were still in great health so I let them try again. It's been a while and the female is spending time rearranging the nest and I have seen the male bobbing his head a lot. I don't know if they have mated yet but I now have to go away in 2 months for 2 week and I want to stop them from breeding and stop her from laying eggs, if possible. I want to stop them because I know 2 months is not long enough if I want to make sure all budgies have fledged and eating properly. What it the safest way to do this? Do I just remove the male so the eggs will be infertile? Will this cause them stress? And if she does lay eggs how do i remove them so i don't stress her and then when do i remove the nest box??