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Thread: Making sure it's normal

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    Making sure it's normal

    Hello everyone. I've posted before regarding cockatiel babies, but that was on hand feeding. This time, my male, Milo, and female, Maven, are tending to babies nicely (feeding, clraning, ect.) Two chicks from this clutch (two other eggs in the box but I'm 90% sure they are duds due to the blackish color), and both are only a day or two old. I check off and on (doing my best to be as non-invasive as possible) and notice that periodically one chick or the other are pushed to the side of the box. Not out, and if I gently move them back to the middle they are fine and mom and dad sit on them, but is this normal? I worry that they will get too cold. Mom and dad are still sitting on dead eggs as well, but I have watched them try to tuck chicks under themselves (cutest. Moment. Ever.), I just want to make sure it is normal. But chicks are being fed (nice full crops) and are very active and move around a lot. I just want to make sure all is well so little ones grow up nice and healthy.

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    Re: Making sure it's normal

    Hi, and welcome back! Congrats on the new babies! I am not real familiar with parent behavior, and am hopeful one of our members who breeds or hatches babies will post their thoughts for you. My comment and opinion would be to watch the babies and parents often, and if a baby seems listless, or appears to be changing color from pinkish you will need to remove the baby. I would suggest you call an avian vet in your area, and present your concern to them. I would hope they could tell you what, if anything, you need to do right now. I know if possible it is always better to not disturb the nest, especially since they have just hatched.

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