So, I've been researching about cockatiels (I don't have one yet) and so far I know the basics. (Cage measurements, feeding, water, how big they are, etc)

But, I'm just quite confused on the "social/solitary" bird thing? People has said it's okay to keep the cockatiel alone as long as you give it an hour if attention, while others have said to give it attention all day... Some even said after school/work to give it attention.

Im aware if I have to get another cockatiel I will have to discuss it with m parents. I will and since we have the money, we can buy a larger cage if we have to for the to cockatiels

>>background info--
I already have a pet at home that is a lizard and (obviously) not putting the lizard near the cockatiel at all.
I AM a minor and my parents have confirmed on a $1000 budget.
Our house is large but the area where it has the most windows is in the living room where it is near the kitchen.(and away from my lizard)
I am ready to clean up the mess and feed the birds, as well as give it the attention it needs. I've seen a lot from my lizard