Ahhh - thanks Dea

Went back to the vet again, but inbetween I managed to clean Sammy's nose out a bit - vet is actually really happy with what I've achieved with him so far.

There was another crazy bird lover in the waiting room with a couple of keets and a tiel. By the time I'd come back from washing up, Dad (bless him, taking me to these appointments so I didn't have to drive myself ) had Sammy out in his hand giving scritches. So I decided to let him out and wander around (not the first time by far). The other parronts pulled out a cell phone and asks if she can photograph him. Second he sees it, he's down off my shoulder posing and bouncing up and down flocking calling excitedly.

If Bluey keeps going well, we can stop treatment in a couple of days - which I'm glad about as we've stained him a bit yellow around his beak and cere - though I'm not sure how as he takes his meds nicely

Sam is going to have to be on treatment for quite a bit longer. Vet has stocked me up with more nebuliser antibiotics, and oral ones - and as we're hitting him so hard with those, we're keeping him on anti-fungal to make sure no yeast or similar gets a chance to take hold. I've also got to find some probiotics as this is going to be a long term.

He is still pretty tired though - and by the time we got to the motorway, little one had passed out asleep on cage floor from the excitement of 20 min in the vet office. Poor little mite x