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Thread: Lovebirds eggs

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    Lovebirds eggs

    So this is the first time that my lovebirds laid eggs 3 eggs on Sunday I checked and there was one baby. I checked today and no more babies only the one that was born on Sunday so I checked the eggs and when I put the flashlight I just see yellow nothing else so I guess that the didn't get fertilized by the male so should I throw them away or what should I do? And also how old does the baby has to be so I can hand feed it?

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    Re: Lovebirds eggs

    Hi, let the egg in the nest, so the chick can rest his head on it, it will prevent the baby to be crushed by parents.
    If you don't have any experience in handfeeding don't try anything before at least the 3rd week.

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    Re: Lovebirds eggs

    Ok thanks for the advice

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