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Thread: (ADVICE NEEDED) Update/new bird coming home tomorrow

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    (ADVICE NEEDED) Update/new bird coming home tomorrow

    hi all!
    I don't know if any of you remember, but I have a 4yr old queen of Bavaria golden conure (who I think is female) named mango, and a year old female pearl cockatiel who my friend is watching for me. Tomorrow, I'm adopting a year old male solomon island eclectus, Charlie, from a couple who just had a baby and can't look after him anymore. I know that when I bring Charlie home, Im going to have to quarantine him from mango, but I have a few concerns (and I need advice)!

    mango is recovering from a bacterial infection in the eye so I know its even more important that I quarantine the two. I don't want to put Charlie in my room because it gets poor lighting, and there isn't much room in there, but, my house has high ceilings and there really isn't a door sealing off the living room and family room. if I had Charlie and mango in the living room and family room, would it be okay? if they're on separate parts of the house, but there isn't a full wall between them, it that good?

    How long should I quarantine Charlie for? until mango gets better?

    also, once they're done being quarantined, how would I introduce mango to Charlie so that they'd get along? mango and Mozart (my cockatiel) didn't get along that well, so I want to make sure thats not the case with mango and Charlie. They're about the same size.

    any additional advice?

    thank you!!

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    Re: (ADVICE NEEDED) Update/new bird coming home tomorrow

    That is really good question and I do not think it is a good option because the air still goes between both places but honestly since it is a eye infection and not something that would travel in the air it should be OK. I would be more worried about your hands and clothes then the air personally but that is just me.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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