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Thread: New Budgie Problems

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    New Budgie Problems

    I just got a new budgie. According to the pet store that sold it said ''it was a male''. However according to my 11 months of research: Females normally have a whitish tan cere (or other light colors) and the males would have royal blueish (or purple) cere. There is not problem concerning the age of the bird. But there are also alot of problems concerning its health.

    Firstly, It would breathe rapidly and stay unsteady on its perch (it does not bob its tail though).
    Secondly, It would not play, sing, or move as it used to in the pet store. Unless I would come near with my hand.
    Thirdly, It has not eaten for a few days..

    I've heard that after a few weeks of getting used to its surroundings. It may start improving this behavior.

    Update 1:
    November 19 (3rd day of settling in)
    Has started eating and less rapid breathing.

    November 21 2018
    started singing
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    Re: New Budgie Problems

    Unless your bird is about a year old, it is difficult to sex them. So, in my view, right now you can not be sure what sex you have. Some of the lighter blue and yellow mutation males, will not have blue ceres. The cere can be lighter color, or pinkish co!or. I have a yellow male who has that color cere.

    It does take them a few days to settle into your home. I have had some who did not eat or drink or even make any cheeps for about four days. And of course the poops are very watery then. Keep a good eye on him or her though. If you are able to do so, schedule a wellness check at an avian vets office. That would be a good idea, in my view. If you definitely need to know the sex, the vet can do the test, but it probably would be pretty expensive. Congrats on bringing home your new budgie! We will watch for updates.

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    Re: New Budgie Problems

    I agree with Maxollie about sexing them.

    It will also may take a little longer for him/her to adjust if he is alone budgie. Since he's used to being in a flock at the pet store, it may take him some time to get over losing his friends. Sit by his cage and talk to him throughout the day. He/she will get used to you as his new flock and be your best little buddy!

    Just a side note, if you want to feed him/her fresh foods now is the perfect time to start introducing lettuce or other veggies/fruits. I wish I had done that with my budgies when I first got them instead of wait several years to give them proper nutrition.

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