The Short of it:
I didn't know we had a pair.
I was looking at the ceres and thought they were both blue so both males.
Now we find egg in bottom of cage. Egg was incomplete- had a crack and was not full on the inside.
Anyway, Pickle (the she) appears to be laying another but has been doing so for a couple of hours. How long do I wait before I get concerned that she may be binding or having some kind of laying issue?

My experience level is I had one bird before- a Cockatiel - have read a decent amount - wasn't prepared to be owning a breeding pair, this was an accident (but a happy one).
We got these birds from a pet store - I had lost my cockatiel of 23 years and decided that there being no local budgies to rescue right then (and I was in serious withdrawal) I would go to the first place I could and get the first thing I could and love it to death. Didn't realize my boyfriend was missin lil bird too and so we wound up with 2 after getting first the one. Now they are a pair.

The female is sitting on one of the upper tiers of the cage where I had made a platform with birdbath and appears to be trying to lay another egg. It's agony watching her. Can anyone walk me through this? I never saw Lil BIrd lay an egg in her whole life, though she laid several clutches without a mate. She didn't move around as much as this budgie: She used to just squat quietly. Looks like budgie is breathing heavily and though her eyes are open and bright her head is resting on the shelf- she isn't holding it up, as my cockatiel did. It's really got me scared. Here is a short video- it was the only angle as the bars were in the way at any other...

Thanks for your help..Anybody?