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Thread: Budgie has had runny poo since I bought him... Should I be worried?

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    Exclamation Budgie has had runny poo since I bought him... Should I be worried?

    My male budgie, Buster, has had runny, never solid poop since I got him, and I'm kind of worried. He was at least 6 months old when I got him, and I've had him for over a year now, and never once has he ever had a solid poop. Currently he is also very aggressive toward my female, Lily, which he has never done before, and he's making a heart shape with his wings, along with looking very skinny. He usually puffs up when I say his name, but lately he isn't and I'm worried that something is wrong. Please let me know what you think, any advice is greatly appreciated!

    PS, they are on a seed diet with weekly to bi-weekly fruits and veggies, they have multiple toys and perches, and we have no other animals to cause them stress.

    PPS, Buster has been screaming non stop for the last three days, and will not leave Lily alone, consistently fighting her when she rejects his attempts at mating.

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    Re: Budgie has had runny poo since I bought him... Should I be worried?

    Hi, and welcome to the community. In the last few years, seed companies have been adding lactobiotics to bird seed mixes. Basically, they are like human probiotics, and they do tend to make the poops loose, and also a budgie poops a lot. My budgie, Muffin, started having this poop problem a few months ago. He is 7 years old, and all those previous years never had this problem. He too has gotten quite thin, although he does not show any signs of illness. But, one cannot ever ignore this problem, because from what I have read, it can turn into something worse like diabetes. In your case, if possible, I would suggest you take him for a wellness check. It is interesting the other budgie does not have this problem, so to me, the make should be checked over. Fresh fruits and veggies can also cause the loose poos, and so can mating cause loose poos for females, but not so much for males.

    Mating brings on changed behavior in most birds. It appears he is really into it now. And the female has to be hormonal for the urge to mate. The cere which is the spot above her beak, will turn from a lite tan or ivory color, to a crusty brown color. Then she would lay eggs if they mate. If he continues to be aggressive, you will need to put him in a separate cage, because they can hurt or injure the mate. The heart wings are definitely a male thing!

    You could call an Avian vet, and explain to them his poop problem, and his current behavior. Birds do hide their illness, so, having a wellness check would give you peace of mind.

    We will welcome updates.
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