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Thread: Is there a way to unflock birds?

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    Is there a way to unflock birds?

    My parakeet bonded with my dads cockatiel and now bites/refuses to bond with me! When I brought her home she was gentle and loving, let me handle her and give her scritches but now that shes bonded with the cockatiel (who doesnt want anything to do with her) she hates me. How do I safely unbond the two so I can make her mine again? I know it sounds mean but ive heard when you break a bond with birds they will pass away from grief/loneliness, and when the time comes for me to go to university, I will be taking my bird with me. So if theres a way to safely unbond them so she wont die from lonliness when we leave, I would appreciate it.

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    Re: Is there a way to unflock birds?

    I doubt there is any way to unbond them. I would suggest you get a friend for the one that is left behind. It may take some time to rebond with your bird, but have patience and I think that will happen. And yes, I have heard of birds dying from the loss of a mate or other friend.

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