I just thought I'd tell everyone that little Shorty passed away.
I had raised him from 2 weeks old. If you all remember, he was the one that had no upper mandible and no 'hands' - where the flight feathers grow.

When I got severe allergy problems after suffering anaphylactic shock, I rehomed all my beloved birds. Shorty was doing great at this time and he was about 3 months old when I brought him back to Jeff, the bird store owner and breeder. Jeff found Shorty the most fabulous forever home with a little boy who was disabled. He had said to his mom one day, 'Mom, you know why I love this bird so much? It's because he's disabled just like me!!' Needless to say, the little boy was heartbroken when he lost Shorty.

I'm just thankful that Shorty didn't pass away in my care. It's tough enough to hear about your little ones passing away, but it's really awful when you witness it.

I would really love to do something for this little boy to help him heal from his loss. Any suggestions?