Hi all,
I've posted about my other birds, but I thought it would only be fitting to remember little Wolfie Barry James on his bird-thday.

The breeder and my friend Jeff who owns the bird store are not absolutely sure when Wolfie was hatched, but they agree on approximate. So I designated Christmas Day as Wolfie's bird-thday.

He's doing well. His weight is still low but satisfactory to the avian vet, given that Wolfie is disabled. The vet said Wolfie appears to have stunted internal organs. The little guy is still needing to eat baby bird formula. It appears that he'll be on formula for the rest of his life. But, like I said, he's doing very well on it.

He enjoys taking one little seed from the cup, then he walks halfway up his ladder and munches on that one seed. Then he scurries down the ladder to repeat the process.

He doesn't play with toys, but he loves watching Smokey Beary James play. They're best friends, which makes me so happy.

Wolfie loves to sing. He warbles like a canary - so beautiful. And he talks a little. Maybe he says more words than I hear. And he keeps learning new words. He loves to wolf whistle, of all things, LOL.

He's a very precious little bird. He was in such bad shape several months ago when he was at the store that Jeff said he was considering euthanasia, which he absolutely hates to do. Jeff was so happy that I took Wolfie home, especially since Wolfie is doing so well.

I just wanted to send a shout-out Happy Bird-Thday to Wolfie Barry James!!