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Thread: New lovebird owner, help please

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    Unhappy New lovebird owner, help please

    I got two lovebirds about a month ago, my parents and I believe they're both male. I've searched all over the internet for help but there's nothing I find that matches up to my situation.
    Both my birds are perfectly fine when they're left alone, but they'll become alert whenever someone walks into the garage. They'll start flying away and up to the corner of their cage and start "screaming" at me whenever I stick my hand in to replace their water or food. There's really nothing I can do to train them until they get used to my presence but I can't take the cage to my room since my mum doesn't like the whole feathers being in the air.
    So all I can do is sit near them in the garage, they calm down and return to their perch when I'm out there for a while but it never lasts.
    I'm really worried that since they have each other they'll never like me, please any help?

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    Re: New lovebird owner, help please

    It takes time for them to settle into a new home. I suggest waiting another couple of weeks and then try to begin some training with them. Then, take one out of cage at a time, take to a small room, close the door, let the bird get used to you, and then do some training. Begin with just a few minutes a day. Do this with each one separately. Soon, you can increase the time each day, and before long, they will be much more comfortable with you, and both will like you! And then the real fun will begin...with both of them! We will welcome updates anytime.

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    Re: New lovebird owner, help please

    I am sorry your Mom wont let you take the two lovies in your room. Honestly lovebirds do not have too much dander at all compared to lots of other birds I have been around. My sisters Amazon and especially her Cockatoo have this fine dust that flys off of them whenever they shake or preen themselves. Boomer molted and lost feathers but they never caused much dander just little feathers flying off.

    Sitting by there cage is the best thing you can do. Talk to them lots and try to feed them some nice spray millet through the cage bars. Peachface lovebirds love millet. Maybe do your homework by them by setting up a desk in your garage and hopefully once your Mom sees how much you want them in your life she will let you bring them into the house.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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