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Thread: Help sexing baby budgies

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    Help sexing baby budgies

    Hello! Could anyone help sex these baby budgies? Sorry for the really bad quality on the second one he's not very used to hands yet unlike his siblings.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Help sexing baby budgies

    Awww! They are soooo beautiful. Do you know their age? If under a year old, it is quite difficult to sex them. Looking at the pictures, to me, of all of them, the picture #1, the budgie on the right looks like the cere could be a female. But that is just a guess. The others all look to be light blue or darker blue ceres, which indicate makes, but also, photos can be deceiving. You can have DNA sex tests done by Avian vets, or, go on line, and search for DNA sexing kits for budgies. I will say vets are usually quite expensive, and having the kits, with that many, may be expensive as well.

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    Re: Help sexing baby budgies

    These cuties look very young, yes? At this age cere color indicating gender is almost the exact opposite of what it will be for adults. Very young male budgies will have an even pink/lavender color to the cere while young females will be bluer with blotchy white areas especially around the nostrils. Also, the nostrils of females tend to be larger and the cere itself more bulbous. Based on these photos, #1 appears to be male and #3 female. #2 and #4 are harder to call largely because of the lighting on the photos and the angle on #4. Based on these two photos I lean toward male on #2 and could go wither way on #4. A head-on photo of #4 in natural light would help.

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