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Thread: Baby In Trouble

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    Baby In Trouble

    Hello. My Budgie laid seven eggs and they all hatched. The youngest three died a day or two after hatching. The other four have been fine until today. It looks like one of them has had some its feathers near the feet pulled out and the skin looks irritated. I took he/she out of the cage and put it in a different cage but I am not sure if it is old enough to be away from it's parents. I known he/she can eat by herself. He is a little over one month old. Is it ok for him to be away from his parents? Do you think it is safe to put him back with his parents?

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    Re: Baby In Trouble

    Sometimes, a parent can pick on the babies, and perhaps even one of the siblings could do it. Is the cage you have for the baby small? In my view, a small cage, would keep the baby warmer, and feel more like the nest. But of course the nest with parents and other babies is always preferred. You are caught in a catch 22 so to speak. If you do decide to use the cage, I suggest putting something soft on the bottom, and keep the cage covered on top in the daytime, with a soft cloth or blanket, with front side open in daytime, and all covered at night.It is good the baby can eat seeds, but she also needs water every day. You may need to hand feed her as well. Personally I would watch her in the nest during the day to see if you can find who is picking on he before I move her.. Is there any chance either of the parents caused the death of the ones you lost?
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