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Thread: Turquoise Green Cheek Male at Petco~

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    Cool Turquoise Green Cheek Male at Petco~

    Maybe one day, in the Far Off Future, I'll have myself a Male Turquoise Green Cheek.

    A couple weeks ago, my local Petco had just that for sale. He was like $350 to buy. I oggled him for a while, before eventually peeling myself off of the glass. Lmao.

    For now, I am more than pleased with my 2 Lovely Cockatiels, but maybe someday.. Haha. It's always great to have dreams in mind. XD

    How much different is Conure care from Cockatiel care? I'm just curious. Are they Hand Tame-able? I've heard that they can bite considerably harder if not tamed, but I know that they're an absolutely lovely species! Thank you all ~
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