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Thread: What parakeets could I keep in my cage?

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    Question What parakeets could I keep in my cage?

    Hi all!

    So I'm rather new to the bird keeping hobby. I've done my research around a lot of the parakeet species. I've never owned a bird before so these will be the first a bought a cage made by Ferplast with the dimensions of 71x38x63cm. Here is a link to it https://www.ferplast.com/gb/piano-5.html.

    I've mainly done my research on budgies and I think I'd be able to fit atleast 2-3 budgies in this cage ? But as its a big cage I'd just like to know what other species can I keep in this size? Eg is it big enough for 2 cockatiels? I'd appreciate any advice !

    Note: I really want to keep the birds in pairs or more so that they don't get lonely

    Thanks for any suggestions!!

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    Re: What parakeets could I keep in my cage?

    Hi, and welcome! What. are the cage dimensions. This is a nice cage. If you can post the demrnsions I can better answer your question. I do believe you would need a bigger cage for cockatiels, and they need to be in a separate cage from budgies.

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    Re: What parakeets could I keep in my cage?

    Budgies can be a nice, was start to bird keeping... they can't bite too hard, and (crash generalisation) tend to be pretty even tempered, and not prone to issues like plucking and mutiliation

    That said - lovebirds, parrotletts are cool and small

    The size of the bird and cage is hugely important - the other things to consider is the type of bird you want. What do you want to get from the birdie owner relationship? Are you looking for someone who might one day learn to talk? Someone who is clever and likely to learn tricks? Lively and outgoing or sweet and cuddly? Obviously there's no guarantee that any bird will do any of those things - but there are certainly characteristic traits more common with some species than others

    Availability might be another consideration. How much you have to spend, and how good the breeders/stores near you are
    Also - availability can be a factor - how much do you have to spend, and are they

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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    Re: What parakeets could I keep in my cage?

    grass parakeets have my heart very sweet and beautiful

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