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Thread: Crazy Egg Laying

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    Angry Crazy Egg Laying

    I have a 3 year old female cockatiel who lays a clutch of 5-8 eggs every month. There's hardly a gap between when she stops sitting on a clutch and when she starts a new one. When I leave the clutch (which I always do) she will sometimes sit and brood for over 4 weeks. She will masturbate and nest on the bars of any cage or cage floor. I've been to a vet twice since this started 1-1.5 years ago.
    It's bad.

    Things I've tried:
    -more dark hours (10-13)
    -no paper in the bottom
    -blocking off corners she likes to nest in (which is all of them)
    -pellet only diet (roudy bush)
    -no birdie buddies or snuggley things
    -limited affection (NONE below neck)
    -more mist
    -more time away from cage/play area
    -move cage into different room
    -tried foraging (she has NO interest in foraging and just ignores forageable food, even very simple foraging with beads/paper/little toys in food.)
    -I use fake eggs to discourage excessive laying (I've managed to have her only lay 3 eggs at times)

    Little more backstory: My tiel lives alone in her cage and doesn't take kindly to spending time with our family's budgies. She spends lots of time with me and my family on her own and is VERY tame.
    I can't afford to get her a companion (cage/space constraints of my house atm.) (I also DEFINITELY can't breed her with my current constraints.) I once tried to rehome her somewhere where she could be a mommy for real but she is very close to my heart and I couldn't do it in the end.
    This month things have improved as she has been laying eggs but not nesting anywhere. I've been removing the eggs / finding them random places in my room. (All these places were well lit or in the middle of the floor. Not nests.)
    I always sprinkle in some extra calcium into the pellets when laying begins.

    What more can I do? ;-;
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    Re: Crazy Egg Laying

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I think you are doing everything you can do. Chronic egg laying is so diffucult to address. In my vew, it is because she considers you her mate, and loves you dearly. I would keep her in her own cage, and not ever mate or breed her.

    I too had a hen, Ollie, who was a chronic egg layer. I fed seed, not pellets. Her behavior was very similar to your hen. I read on an article on line, that having a mate, sometimes will stop frequent egg laying, but I did not have a mate available, and my rental lease did not allow me to have two birds. So, thinking it was for her best welfare, I found an aviary that took her. She did find a mate, and hatched one clutch, but died soon after. And quite honestly, I think she died because I was no longer her caregiver. I will always be sorry I made that decision. She died of a broken heart without me in her life.

    My view for you is to keep her, love her and enjoy her, exactly as you are right now. If it were me, I would not take her eggs away from her, and leave them with her, for 25 days. Then remove them, I tried dummy eggs too. They did not work. Each time she finishes up with a clutch, remove them from the cage. Rearrange the inside of the cage, and get a supply of toys so you can change them out for different toys. This may or may not delay the eggs, but is worth a try. Never use a nest or nest box either. Place her eggs on corner of cage floor on a folded piece of paper towel. No happy huts either! Throwing her eggs away as she lays them, will only cause her to lay more. She has to keep them for the 25 days.

    Feed plenty of green veggies, and cuttlebone/calcium to her. And do give her about 12 hours of sleep at night. And most of all, love her as you always have. I found out it is better to let them be their own self, and enjoy them everyday. I also do not support vet giving lupron shots, nor having them neutered/spayed. I think both are too dangerous. Check the ingredients in the pellets. I have a strong belief that soybeans in the pellets, or in birdseed, tends to uptake hormones in hens. A brand of pellet called TOPS, has no soy in it. Further, I recommend 80% of a good seed mix and 20% pellet mixed together. In my view, all birds need natural nature given seeds. Pellets are manmade.
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