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Thread: Which bird seed should I get?

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    Which bird seed should I get?

    Someone has recommended I buy the volksman avian science parakeet seed with tops pellet but on amazon it doesnt give me much of a description of whats in the bag/how its made. Iím a little concerned as well after reading reviews of what they received in the bag. I found a different brand called Dr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet Blend. It says no chemicals, dyes/coloring agents, preservatives/synthetic ingredients, and no salt/sugar.

    My question is which one should I buy for my parakeet? The volksman or dr harveys seed? I will buy the tops pellets but Iím unsure on which seed to buy for my parakeet.

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    Re: Which bird seed should I get?

    I highly recommend the Volkman Avian science super for parakeets. It is good clean food and we never got a bad bag before. I am sure if it ends up being bad which I doubt Amazon would send you another one with no issues. We get our seed mix from our local stores here so I never bought Volkman from Amazon. I will have to say that a few times we did get it and it had tiny black bugs in it which are very common in seed mixes and for this reason I always would put my seed mix bags into our freezer a few days to kill anything in it. Just to let you know I also found these same tiny black bugs in Goldenfeast bird food which is a excellent organic human grade seed mix so even top quality food mixes have these tiny bugs in them. I only know these bugs are in it because Boomer was awfully sick with crop ulcers his last years and could not eat the cracked corn in the lovebird Volkman mix so I had to pick out the corn pieces and seen them in the seed mixes we used. To me you just cannot go wrong with Volkman. I do admit the Dr. Harveys does look pretty good too but since I never fed it or even my sister or daughter I cannot comment on its quality and if birds love it like they love the Volkman.
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