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Thread: Advice for a beginner budgie owner please!

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    Question Advice for a beginner budgie owner please!

    Hi all
    Apologies I keep asking questions! It's because I can't find the answers anywhere else! I don't want it to be taken as spam I'm just trying to learn as much as I can . Ok so I'm not asking just one question I'm kinda asking a list of them in this post if that's ok. So I'll try find where's best to begin...
    1. Any advice for a first timer who has a pair that can breed? I'm personally not keen on then breeding but I only got a hen due to advice from breeder. Originally I wanted 2 cocks but 1 bullied the other.
    2. Any special dietary requirements for a hen?
    3. How long does hand taming take and what's to best way to do it? (I want to make sure I'm doing it right). As I'm putting my hand in every day with food on it and I'm putting it closer to them but they still won't come on my hand. I have been using millet but they don't seem to want it.
    4. I've noticed the new hen I got has like a bird constipation (meaning her poop takes for ever to come out. I don't see any stuck at butt so I'm assuming she needs more fibre?
    5. There currently moulting so what can I do to help them through the moult?

    If a think of anything else I'll add it. I appreciate any advice given thanks in advance!

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    Re: Advice for a beginner budgie owner please!

    I wished I could help you but really not sure of budgie behaviour. As far as treats to get your birds to get close to you try to just give them the bird seed you feed them in your open palm of you hand or put it on your fingers for them to peck at it. It takes lots of bribing to get them to eat from your hand. Sweet talk is a great way to get there attention as well.

    I am not sure what to do about your females constipation. Maybe making sure she has lots of water might help. Hang a leaf of lettuce that is wet in the cage bar to hopefully make her curious and she might lick some water off of it. Or better bathe herself on the wetness on the leaf. Water would help her poop and bathes always make them drink and poop more.

    Hopefully Ellen (Maxollie) will see your post and help you out.

    I hope others here can help you with
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Advice for a beginner budgie owner please!

    I have answered most of your questions in orther threads you created. If your budgie is eating pellets, they can cause constipation, because they are very dry foods. Take a small amount if unsweetened apple juice and sprinkle over her seeds and or pellets. That will help loosen the poops. Also, Deanna's idea of feeding fresh green leaf lettuce is great because it also will loosen the poops. Be sure to provide plenty of cuttlebone. Hens need plenty to keep their calcium levels at tip top. Because when or if they lay eggs, the shell has to be hard in order for the hen to push out her eggs.

    Budgies do molt feathers quite often. Spritzing them with warm water will help their dry skin to feel better when they are molting.

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