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Thread: Bird hardly sleeps, hormones?

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    Bird hardly sleeps, hormones?


    I was just curious, my cockatiel seems to be going through aggressive mood swings lately and not sleeping much, which I think is hormones possibly?

    The other day he bit me hard on the lip for no reason, which earned him some time in the cage and covered for the rest of the day. However, I've noticed lately, he hasn't been sleeping at all. During a good portion of the night hours when sleeping, I hear him walking around the bottom of the cage, tearing up newspaper, and looks like he's trying to build a nest (I thought it was females doing this usually and not males?). I'm positive the bird isn't a female since it sings a lot and the head is a bright yellow, as well as displaying the typical 'male' behavior.

    In any case, his behavior has been frustrating lately, covering him for a longer period of time as suggested hasn't really worked since whenever he's in the cage he's tearing at the newspaper on the bottom (so, not sleeping). And when he's out of the cage he's much noisier than usual (constant chattering / screeching). When he does come to us he's a lot more aggressive and tends to bite more. At this point I don't let him on my shoulder much since I don't trust that he won't bite me when he's in this 'mode'. And I don't care if it's mean but a bite on the lip automatically means detention for the rest of the day, I'm not going to reward that type of behavior by letting him stay out of the cage whenever he does that. Mind you, when he's in this mode, these aren't tiny nips, but ones with purpose behind it, like the bite and hold ones.

    Any suggestions? Maybe removing the paper at the bottom of the cage?
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