Hi there...I'm glad to know this forum exists because I've been looking for something that will provide me information and perhaps I can offer some advice if/when needed.

I have four new baby cockatiels born beginning Feb 21. Great Mom/Dad and so happy about that.

Two years ago my 'keets had a brood and due to circumstances, only two survived. They've done well though.

Presently I have a family of four 'keets, two pairs, one being the Mom/Dad of the babies. The other pair is one of their babies. Two 'special needs'...one a 20 yr old cockatiel and a 15 yr old Nanson conure both with foot major problems but get around quite well considering.

Lastly, two cockatiels, both female and one single female parakeet...then of course, the two other cockatiels, the mother/father of the new babies.

Total of five cockatiels, five parakeets and one conure. (Think that right.)

I still busy as I'm sure most of you do so have limited time on computer but will have this as my 'go to' place when I have extra minutes to spend.

BTW, I live in north Florida.

Warm regards to all and thanks to the admin(s) for maintaining this great site.

Cathy D.