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Thread: is my bird sick?

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    is my bird sick?

    Iíve already wrote a forum about my bird throwing up after flying, and now he is shaking when he breathes. I am almost positive he is sick, and wanted to make sure ): I know I should take him to the vet but Iím still young, and my parents wonít take them because they say he is fine. Here is a video of him breathing.


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    Re: is my bird sick?

    Is he doing this all the time or just sometimes? It is normal for a bird to sit fluffed and shake a little bit when they are sleepy and ready to go to sleep or even just happy chilling sitting. But since he threw up his seeds on your last post here I would be worried he is sick. It is common for birds to be perching and sometimes sitting all fat and puffy sort of "purring" and the feathers shake like yours is in the video but NOT with other signs. If he is doing this all the time I would worry. Is he still eating good and not scattering his seeds out anymore? Is he acting normal most of the time? Playing and happy? Or just sitting in his cage shaking most of the time. Conures are usually very active and happy to play around in the cage. My daughters conure Tikki plays hard and then sits fluffed up and goes to sleep for awhile. He usually is very sleek and active but he does sit like yours when he is sleepy. I do have to admit without knowing how he is most of the time it is hard to say but if he is like this most of the time and not doing much of anything else he really does need a vet. I hope he isn't sick and please let us know what is happening to him. He looks just like Tikki and it breaks my heart if he is sick and not going to a vet, I just hope he is just happy chilling and hasn't thrown up anymore.
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    Re: is my bird sick?

    In my view, throwing up is a red flag. Watch for loose or runny poops, not eating at all, or not drinking water. Being all puffed up all of the time, and even setting on the cage floor sleeping and all puffed up. Birds really need a vet for all these symptoms. Keep him warm by covering his cage three sides with front open during the day, and all sides covered at night. Use a light weight blanket or sheet. Also, watch for watery eyes or nasal discharge, and any more vomiting.

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    Re: is my bird sick?

    How is your bird doing now? I hope it is ok.

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