Hi friends, it's been a long time since I've posted, hope everybody's doing well

It was a sad day today, my beloved rescue tiel Evie passed away in my arms. She has been a chronic egg laying hen and last week she had an egg binding incident. The egg was expelled on her own but it caused a prolapse. For those who know about prolapse, it is a very serious condition where the bird's inside is literally exposed at the vent. It was a horrible, scary sight

The vets here were hopeless and most didn't even want to see her because they "don't see birds" . I was able to get some good advice and kept the prolapse and the area around it clean. I put KY jelly to keep it from drying out. I finally was able to see a vet who has bird patients and he only made matters worse by cleaning her bottomside with a gauze and saline solution when she needed to be soaked. Went home with antibiotics but the swelling became horrible after that cleaning

She was a trooper though, hanging on for a whole week and a day. Such a brave girl. She passed away as I held her with a warm heating pad, she kept staring into my eyes and then her breathing stopped

We had an amazing 2 years with her after rescuing her from a tall pine tree while looking for our other missing tiel Penny

She will be sorely missed and forever loved