Hello all,

I have been wondering about buying budgies for some time, however:

Soo... I am thinking about having budgie/s but the One vs. Two is a bit of a problem for me...
I am aware that one would be tamer, but would that be fair? I am at school, but when at home I have a lot of spare time. However, two would probably be happier, but I will not be allowed to have them if they are just 'something to look at' and are not tame- and I know it will be difficult to tame two. Please give me your idea as to what I should do- one or two?

I did have another idea though would like feedback- would it work? It is to buy two budgies, cage them separately but in view of each other, tame each and then introduce them to each other? Would they then still be tame?
Please give me thoughts and suggestions!!