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Thread: is my bird sick (part3)

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    is my bird sick (part3)

    I let my bird Mango out and he flew a few rounds again. He started bobbing his head and Iím wondering if he is still vommiting or if heís regurgitating. This is maybe my last post to confirm and Iíll try my best to take him to the vet . He can only fly a few rounds before getting out of breath and getting tired, and afterwards does this or sometimes shakes his head. Some days he throws up seeds, or liquid. Today, he just did what the video showed, but nothing came out. ): I donít know if theyíre any good vets near me and some may cost a lot. Most of them specialize in mostly cats or dogs.


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    Re: is my bird sick (part3)

    It looks like he is regurgitating or "feeding" your arm but it is really hard to say. I know when Boomer was sick he would do the thing your Mango is doing but always fling his head back and forth like he was shaking his head saying "no" with seeds coming out. If they throw up it is usually frothy and they never "place" it on something, they shake there head back and forth in "No" jester and fling the food out. The flying thing and then shaking his head like this is concerning to me though. But it is so hard to say if he is sick or not. How do his poops look? This is vital to really try to look at all the time because the poos change when they are sick. If they are sick the poos will be really wet and the white part will look like it is mixed in with the colored part. If the poos have undigested seeds in them this is bad as well. It is hard to really say if your bird is sick or not but if the poops are looking bad then it is sick. Boomer got sick quite a few times and his poos looked like someone took a tiny spoon and mixed it all up. Also If your birds wings have been clipped before it might not be able to fully fly yet and this wears them out. Make sure you have clean paper on the bottom of its cage and really watch the poops and look for the wet mixed sloppy poos.

    Here is some pictures of poos, http://www.birds-online.de/gesundhei...atorkot_en.htm
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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